Viva-Lite Ceiling Light CIRCULI
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Viva-Lite Ceiling Light CIRCULI, With integrated LED lights

New: the first LED ceiling light with Viva-Lite spectrum. 10 brightness levels & 10 colour temperature levels. Both can be individually set as needed using the remote control. LEDs are not just economical in use: thanks to Viva-Lite, they also possess a high quality light spectrum which bathes the room in a light similar to natural sunlight - for many years. LED lights offer an incredibly long lifetime and low heat dissipation. Until now, the light spectrum of LED bulbs often left much to be desired. Due to this modest spectrum, connoisseurs of full spectrum lamps have so far failed to adopt this modern type of lighting. However, this has now changed, and LED lights have been conquering the market for some time.

  • In consideration of the adaptability of the eye to light, brightness can be gradually adjusted without glare. This is energy-saving and convenient, too.
  • Using the provided remote control, the 10 brightness levels as well as the 10 colour temperature levels can be adjusted as needed and without delay.
  • Direct lighting, high light efficiency, even distribution.
  • Night light
  • Sleep mode
  • Advantages: Long lifetime thanks to integrated LED modules, lights up immediately on being switched on (there is no flash), contains no mercury
  • Material: high quality Poly(methyl methacrylate) (PMMA)
  • Nominal useful luminous flux: 3,300lm
  • Nominal lamp power: 45W
  • Rated life of the lamp: 40,000 hrs
  • Color Temperature: 2,800 - 6,000K (two thousand eight hundred to six thousand Kelvin)
  • Number of switching cycles before premature failure: 50,000
  • Start-up time up to 60% of full light output: instant full light (< 1s)
  • Beam of light can only be controlled with the included remote control
  • Operating temperature: 0 - 50°C
  • Dimensions: ⌀600*130 mm
  • Nominal beam angle: 270°
  • Power factor: >0. 95
  • Lamp lumen maintenance factor at the end of its life expectancy: 70%
  • Colour rendering: 90Ra
  • Colour consistency: excellent
  • Rated peak intensity in candela (cd):

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